Trail Maps

Approximate Length: Loop distance 1.1 miles

Parking/Trailhead: The trailhead is 0.3 mile up Barnard Road from the north end of Furnace Road and is marked by a sign on the right. Parking is available on the left.

Difficulty: A steady climb, steep and rocky at points.

Description: This trail is a loop which skirts around the end of a deep gorge. There are lookout points on the south and north side of the gorge. Trail can be walked in either direction, but the trail to the South Lookout is a more gentle uphill slope. South lookout is on the right hand side of the map below.

Cadwell Trail

Approximate Length: 2.4 miles (1.5 mi west, 0.9 mi east)

Parking/Trailhead: One trailhead (east/west) is at a farm road approximately 0.6 miles south on Elm Street from the intersection with US Route 7. The other access is about 1 mile from US Route 7 south on Elm Street at the Cooley Covered Bridge. Walkers can shorten their journey by selecting the East or West loop and returning to their car by walking along Elm Street.

Difficulty: Walking is easy with two short uphill climbs.

Description: The trail courses through fields and meadows, meandering along Otter Creek, Furnace Brook, and a lagoon. Beaver, otters, turtles, fish, ducks, birds, and wildflowers abound in the varied habitats along this trail. Also, it is possible to link with the Meadow Loop by following the connecting trail and bridge indicated by the sign at the intersection with the East Loop of the Cadwell Trail.

Meadow Loop

Approximate Length: 1.0 miles

Parking/Trailhead: The trailhead is located on the south side of Arch Street near the Fire Station.

Difficulty: Walking is easy with one moderately uphill section.

Description: This trail cuts through open fields and woodlands along Sugar Hollow Brook. A portion follows Furnace Brook to its confluence with Sugar Hollow Brook. The trail offers spectacular near and distant views. a link to the Cadwell Trail is possible by a bridge over Sugar Hollow Brook and a short moderately steep connecting trail.

Pittsford Recreation Area Trails

Approximate Length: Red Trail – 0.3 mi., Orange Trail – 0.52 mi., Yellow Trail – 0.25 mi., Blue Trail – 0.65 mi., White Trail – 0.3 mi.

Parking/Trailhead: Primary trailheads are accessible off of Furnace Road through the main gate of the Recreation Area, behind the Pittsford Congregational Church on the Town Green, and behind the Municipal Offices on Plains Road.

Difficulty: Walking is easy to moderate with short sections that are moderately steep on the Blue and Orange trails.

Description: Trails cut through woodlands, open meadows, and pine groves. Sections of the Orange trail follow along the Sugar Hollow Brook. Also home to the Pittsford Disc Golf Course.

Disc Golf Course

After over a year of planning, pruning and putting in hundreds of hours of volunteer labor, the FREE Pittsford Disc Golf Course at the Recreation Area is open with 18 holes of play. Disc golf is a popular recreational activity for all ages enjoyed all over the world. There are over 2000 courses in the U.S., but only a handful in Vermont. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but uses a disc (frisbee) thrown at a target. This is basically a pole with “catching chains” hanging above a basket. Each hole varies in difficulty and is given a “par” ranking of 3 to 5. (How many throws the average player should need to reach the goal.) The game is an inexpensive physical activity for the entire family which is easy to learn, yet takes a lifetime to master. It is a low impact activity that involves a good amount of walking and offers both upper and lower body conditioning. There is a beginner and advanced tee location on each hole to challenge any ability level. Mostly it’s FUN!! DOWNLOAD SCORECARD

High Meadows Trail

Approximate Length: 0.8 miles or 1.3 miles with extra loop

Parking/Trailhead: On the East side of Adams Rd about 0.3 miles from the junction with Oxbow Rd.

Difficulty: Easy with some moderate uphill sections

Description: Rises gently to high point with views of Pittsford, Taconics and  Adirondacks.   The trail connects to Split Rock Trail via a short link.

Split Rock Trail

Approximate Length: 1.9 miles

Parking/Trailhead: This trail is located off the east side of Adams Road, 0.4 mi. from Goat Farm Road.

Difficulty: Traverses mostly level ground or rolling hills.

Description: This loop trail is a pleasant combination of woods and fields with ponds and nice views of surrounding peaks and ridgelines. The trail connects to High Meadows Trail via a short link.

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