The primary responsibility of the Assessor is to appraise all real property in Town in compliance with applicable Vermont State statutes. This includes annual maintenance of the records such as updating changes resulting from additions to homes, construction of outbuildings, transfers of property, etc. as well as periodic revaluations when mandated by the State.

In addition, the Assessor’s Office provides property owners with:

• Property record cards
• Assessment history information
Detailed explanation of the assessment process
Tax maps which are updated annually

If you have any concerns regarding your current assessment, general questions or suggestions, please feel free to call this office (802-483-6500 ext. 150). You may also visit our office located in the Town Office building at 426 Plains Rd. where Lister Cards and Tax Maps are available for review. Copies are available on request.


To view your current parcel and property card, please visit Pittsford, VT (